Stay Beautiful Clothing

The truth is the last year of my life is has been honestly the hardest of my entire life. I found myself at a cross-roads in my life between with my mental health declining in an industry that was taking a much bigger toll on me then I was willing to admit at the time. I felt lost after everything I had spent the last 10 years of my life working towards collapsed in my hands. The music industry broke me, hurt me and changed me in a way I was afraid to admit. I felt truly hopeless for the first time in my life. Everything I knew was gone, every one I thought would be there wasn't. I had to learn to stand on my own after it all came crashing down. 

I wanted to give up, I wanted to stop trying, I wanted the pain to end, but I didn't give up. I left the music industry and spent the last year picking up all the pieces of myself off the ground. Putting myself back together in a way that could make everyone who believed in me proud, but most 
importantly make myself proud. 

Fast forward to about 2 month ago when I was taking a shower and beam of light shined thru the window. In the moment as I felt the warmth of the sun light awaken the fire inside me that I felt had been stumped out for the last few months of my life. I heard my mothers voice in the back of mind tell me to remember to "Stay Beautiful" always. That's when I knew what needed to be done. I rushed out of the shower and grabbed a cup of Coffee and started explaining this new idea to Roszettie. After about an hour or two of talking and designing Stay Beautiful Clothing was born. 

I share this story with you not for your sympathy but remind you (yes you the one reading this) that even when everything looks so dark and you can't see the light. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT give up on yourself. Even when you feel hopeless, even when nothing is working, nothing seems to make any sense. Nothing lasts forever even if it feels like things just keep getting worst and feel like they will never end. I promise you as long as you don't let the darkness fill your heart and consume you.

You will make it through, you are stronger than you think, never give up and in these moments remember to Stay Beautiful. 

with love,